Friday, April 6, 2007

Callaway Golf Clubs

Callaway. A name that demands respect. A name that is legendary in the golf world. Callaway makes some of the finest golf products and golf equipment, and they are known worldwide for their excellent quality and superiority.

In this article, we will review some of Callaway's Golf Clubs. As you probably know, a Callaway Golf Club is no ordinary club. It is used by the best, and only the best.

Big Bertha 460 Driver

The First Club we're going to review is the Big Bertha 460 Driver
Callaway claims their Big Bertha 460 is the "World's Friendliest Driver".

The Big Bertha 460 Driver is designed with a geometric shape close to the dimensional limit set by the USGA and Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews for length and width. This enabled Callaway Golf engineers to incorporate a 460cc head design with a shallower face, flatter shape and the highest MOI ever in a Callaway Golf all-titanium head.

That means a longer and straighter ball flight on off-center shots. In addition, the Stretched Head Design allows the CG to be positioned deeper within the clubhead to achieve optimum ball flight and maximum forgiveness.

While it'll set you back $299.99 directly from Callaway many would argue that it's worth it. After it all, it did get on the Golf Digest Hot List 2007. If that's too much for your taste, then you can check out eBay. Many people prefer to buy used golf equipment from eBay, where you can find big bertha clubs, golf equipment, and more at a much lower price.

Big Bertha Irons

Moving on to compliment your brand new, shiny Big Bertha 460 Driver is the Big Bertha Iron Set.

Calaway's "Best game improvement Iron Set" does indeed seem to keep getting better. Callaway Golf Engineers have combined Extreme Notch Weighting and the Deeper 360-degree Undercut Channel to increase the Moment of Inertia by a substantial 8 percent. That means increased stability and reduced distance loss on off-center hits. This results in a better swing, more distance, and more ball control for you. Steel sets start from $599, While graphite sets start from $799. As stated above, eBay is great place to find things for a much lower cost than what you pay for retail.

We will continue to review more Callaway golf clubs as we receive them, please check back frequently.

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